Attractions in Koh Chang

Ban Kwan Chang

This elephant reserve offers you the opportunity to bathe, ride, and feed one of these tremendous animals. While the owner of Ban Kwan Chang is a known conservationist, you should be mindful of the concerns regarding animal welfare around elephant rides, Call +66 87 811 3599 for more information.

Ko Rang

Ko Rang offers arguably the best diving around Koh Chang, as its protected status keeps fishermen at bay allowing troves of marine life to thrive. The coral reefs in Ko Rang are stunning. Visit HERE for more information regarding scuba.

Ko Laun

The scuba diving around Ko Laun falls under protected status, like Ko Rang, and thus offers an abundance of marine life. Surround yourself with exotic fish, manta rays, and giant, lumbering sea turtles.

Koh Chang Trekking

If you’re getting antsy in your luxurious villa and want to get your legs moving, consider signing up for a day long hiking trek. Different treks are offered depending on the day of the week. Visit for more information and to book your trek now!

Koh Chang Thai Cookery School

Do you love Thai food? Then consider immersing yourself in the cuisine, spending the day in the kitchen and learning a lesson on how to work with Thai ingredients and make different Thai dishes. Visit for more information.

Jungle Way

This one-day guided trek takes you through the Chang Noi peninsula, and is highly recommended especially if you’re looking for some solid exercise. Visit for more information.

Sima Massage

Locals regard Sima as the best massage on the island, which has quite some bearing given the prevalence of massage parlors. Located on the main road by Kati Culinary.

BB Divers

BB Divers is a branch of diving schools that has many locations in Thailand, among other places. A respected institution to learn to dive and experience the many wonders of the oceans. Visit for more information.

Mangrove Forest Conservation Centre

Mangroves are one of the most heterogeneous environment types, offering a wealth of creature’s habitats to live in. This hidden, shaded forest can be explored along a 2km-long wooden walkway. Located roughly 3km north of Ang Sila’s fish market. Call +66 38 398268 for more information.

Nam Tok Khlong Plu

This triple tiered waterfall can be accessed from the western coast via Ao Khlong Prao. A short trek on a marked jungle path will lead you to this stunning waterfall.

Sea Kayaking

Qualified guides offer single-day and multi-day kayaking tours. Visit for more information about the expeditions.

Tree Top Adventure Park

This exciting and unique park has everything from rope swings and bridges to ziplines and flying skateboards. This is a must-visit for your trip, costing roughly 1100 baht including transportation to the park and back. Any tour agency around Ko Chang can book your trip, or you can transport yourself there as well. Visit for more information.

Nam Tok Khiri Phet

This relatively small waterfall can be found about 2km from Ban Sakal Phet, a short 15 minute walk from the road will take you to a deep pool, constantly being rained upon by a waterfall, that you can take a plunge in.

Khao Sam Muk

If you want your monkey fix, then you’ll want to visit this small hill where hundreds of Rhesus monkeys abode.